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Quality Leads Account manager Creative team Real-time quality Anti Fraud
Premium Advertiser Timely payments Exclusive creative The best account Tracking
1. Quality Leads
SEO (we have our sites in different directions), affiliates (we communicate and monitor each member since we do not chase quantity - we value quality and partnership), PPC, and media buying team.
2. Account manager
You get a personal manager to resolve any question.
3. Creative team
All the content you are imaging, our team can bring to life.
4. Real-time quality control
Real-time analysis of campaign effectiveness and optimization of traffic delivery.
5. Anti Fraud
We have a rigorous and thorough affiliate approval process. After approval, we continuously monitor their business practices.
1. Premium Advertiser
You receive access to Premium Offers. We also can propose direct advertisers, which allows you to receive the best payouts.
2. Timely payments
Several methods: timely payments by bank transfer, Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer.
3. Exclusive creative team
We use exclusive creative materials for offers and a specific source of traffic, content, etc.
4. The best account managers in the world
Our managers understand the industry and work with you to minimize stress while providing everything you need for an easy job.
5. Tracking
We offer the latest targeting options to reach the right audience.
Main Products & Services

Main Products
& Services

  • Casual - SOI, DOI, PPS
  • Mainstream -SOI, DOI, PPS
  • Payday Loans - CPL, CPS
  • Installment Loans - RS
  • Credit cards - CPI, CPS
  • Autolising - CPL, CPS
  • Casino - CPA, CPL
  • Sports betting - CPA, CPL
  • Social casinos - CPA, CPL
  • Diet - SS, COD
  • Muscle - SS, COD
  • Brain - SS, COD

We provide more than 40+ first line Products & Services all across the world

We provide more than 40+ first line Products & Services all across the world

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Who is CPA.Rocks

We are you - simple guys with a deep understanding of what an advertiser needs and what arbitrageurs want. We are just like you, so we will surely find a common language.

CPA.Rocks brought together people of various specialties, but with rich experience in affiliate marketing and online advertising. Do you want to know our secret formula?

We love our job. We can do our job. And we are continually evolving. We At CPA.Rocks we love challenging tasks. Every challenge is an opportunity. There is nothing more exciting than accepting challenges and finding original solutions for them. Sometimes saucy, sometimes simple, but always 100% effective.

Who is CPA.Rocks
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