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What is CPA Marketing?
CPA, or Cost Per Action, is a performance-based marketing strategy that allows advertisers to pay only for specific actions, such as user sign-ups, downloads, survey completions, or purchases (service or product). Publishers promote advertiser campaigns in accordance with guidelines and conditions set by the advertiser and general network standards. Publishers earn a commission for each valid completion they generate from their traffic sources.
What is CPA.Rocks?
CPA.Rocks is a unique online advertising network that can drive your sales up to unparalleled heights — thanks to a well-optimized combination of various traffic types, lucrative campaign models, and verticals.
How do I profit?
We implement performance marketing strategies designed for your specific businessneeds, while you only pay for the results — new customers, sales, registrations, etc. No additional costs or fees.
How do I manage my campaigns?
Each advertiser has a dedicated account manager that is completely aware of everything that’s happening in the field and is always there to provide marketing advice or an update on the campaign. All the campaign data is available within the Advertiser account interface in real-time.
Are there any quality assurance programs in place?
We take quality control very seriously and employ a variety of methods to ensure that leads are valid and fraud-free. Advertisers can set custom terms and conditions for campaigns and restrict the campaign to select Publishers and countries. All clicksare also screened with our tracking algorithm before being delivered to the Advertiser's landing page. This is based on the user's browser, IP, and other factors.
What is CPA.Rocks?
CPA.rocks is Global Performance Marketing & CPA Affiliate Network providing thousandsof exclusive offers in different GEOs in most profitable niches: iGaming, Finance, Dating, Nutra, etc.
What are the payment terms?
The payment terms are net 30. We have the option to upgrade the payment terms to weekly net 15 and net 7 based on arrangements for those operating with high volumes.
Is it mandatory to use an external tracker?
CPA.rocks provides a full range of stats that help you to optimize your campaigns and drive the traffic. We do provide an option of S2S postback integration with other tracking software.